Month: January 2018

If man is willing, God is able

Logic of an Addict

To an outsider the behavior of an addict is completely irrational. Alcohol or drugs is obviously destroying their life yet they continue to engage in this activity. Even when the substance abuse is pulling the individual towards an early grave, or causing problems for loved ones, they persist with it. Those who have never been…
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Uncovering the Dark Web

This article is not about information technology or how the internet or world wide web works. Well some of it may be but this article brings to light the “Dark Web”. A place on the internet where you go to find and BUY things in  secret. (Example: Illegal drugs, guns, child pornography, etc.). The real purpose of…
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Why Prison Doesn’t Cure Drug Addiction

Only relatively recently have we begun to see addiction as a disease of the brain, chronic and progressive and deadly. Some years ago, the consensus was that addicts were merely selfish, weak of will and character, substance abusers due to being bad people. As such, individuals who suffered from the disease of addiction were also…
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Family Violence And Addiction

Addiction hurts families and for as many as 60 percent of families it also brings violence. When an addict turns against his family with physical violence and verbal accusations, it brings suffering that lasts generations. Plus, violence indicates an addict suffers from a more severe addiction and mental health problems that need immediate treatment to…
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Why Addicts Always Choose Drugs over Love

A Hopeless Ultimatum: ‘It’s Me or the Drugs’.When you love an addict, you spend a lot of time and energy hoping he or she will change. You probably put up with a lot of unacceptable behavior. The addict may steal from you, lie to you and make promises that he doesn’t keep. He or she…
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