About Us

If man is willing, God is able

The Christian Family Center is a Non-profit Religious Organization Ministering to the Addicted.

Our mission is to provide a Christian environment for men seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Our goal is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of men as we teach them Bible Based Recovery.

The Christian Family Center’s New Life Program is a six to eight month residential treatment program for those addicted to alcohol and drugs. It is our belief that if a man is willing, God is able to restore him to spiritual well being and free him from the bonds of addiction. We are not unique in that belief; the vast majority of treatment programs around the world understand that without a spiritual awakening a man has little chance of remaining clean and almost no chance of being happy and productive.

We know that the 12 steps commonly used in secular treatment programs come directly from the Bible and it is our belief that if the original text is available, and it is, why not use it. We want the men who come to our program to break free of the bonds of addiction and no one has ever devised a treatment to accomplish that better than God. We are interdenominational and do not ask a man to accept any church’s creed or dogma that would conflict with their own personal beliefs. We do require daily Bible study and chapel attendance. Our minister, along with ministers and lay persons from the community churches, lead our services. We believe that surrendering our will to God and allowing him to work in our life begins with daily worship.

Our primary focus is on a man’s spiritual development; however, we recognize that often there are medical or psychological problems a man must address. For this reason, although we are not a medical facility, we do provide transportation to medical or dental appointments. However, the individual student is responsible for any costs including transportation. We accept dual diagnosis students provided they are maintained on their medication and are able to function independently and harmoniously within our community. It is a part of the philosophy of the Christian Family Center that we should all work to be as self-sufficient as possible. For that reason work therapy is a part of our program of recovery. Each man is expected to work to help maintain our facility.

We recognize that addiction involves the entire family and are committed to working with the families of our men to help them to understand addiction and to cope with the ramifications that substance abuse has on the addict, their family and loved ones. We are a non-denominational group who live through Jesus Christ. We learn to worship and trust in Him to see us through all our troubles and problems. When we learn to trust in God, we can learn to live an exceptional and more fulfilling life than ever before.