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If man is willing, God is able

Are You Addicted to Chaos?

Chaos addicts are more common than you can imagine. They are always at least fifteen minutes behind and that’s why they arrive late, running and panting. They apologize and blame the traffic. They are also desperate at the end of the month, when the bills arrive and for the umpteenth time they find that they…
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Coping with Anger in Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery almost always involves dealing with anger. Anger may be directed at oneself, at specific people, at less-specific entities (like law enforcement), or at society as a whole. Without learning to process anger in a constructive manner, a person with an addiction cannot move forward toward recovery. Perhaps the biggest reason that anger must…
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Dealing with Anger and Addiction

Anger along with an addiction to a substance, such as alcohol, cocaine or heroin, can be a nightmarish combination. Many addicts have problems dealing with anger and expressing it in appropriate ways. Feelings of anger can be linked to relapsing because often that is the only way an addict knows how to deal with anger…
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Faith-Based Rehab Center

When people with strong religious faith struggle with addiction, they face not only the struggles society places on them but also issues related to how their addiction issues affect their faith. For these individuals, traditional addiction recovery programs that do not address this spiritual component may not be as effective as a spiritual recovery center.…
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Family Violence And Addiction

Addiction hurts families and for as many as 60 percent of families it also brings violence. When an addict turns against his family with physical violence and verbal accusations, it brings suffering that lasts generations. Plus, violence indicates an addict suffers from a more severe addiction and mental health problems that need immediate treatment to…
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