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If man is willing, God is able

Rebuilding Your Relationship While In Recovery From Addiction

A drug or alcohol addiction takes the addicted person and their loved ones on a tumultuous and unpredictable ride through a wide range of emotions and mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting circumstances. This can be very strenuous for your partner or spouse, and can many times wreak havoc on the very foundation that you’ve established…
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Logic of an Addict

To an outsider the behavior of an addict is completely irrational. Alcohol or drugs is obviously destroying their life yet they continue to engage in this activity. Even when the substance abuse is pulling the individual towards an early grave, or causing problems for loved ones, they persist with it. Those who have never been…
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Uncovering the Dark Web

This article is not about information technology or how the internet or world wide web works. Well some of it may be but this article brings to light the “Dark Web”. A place on the internet where you go to find and BUY things in  secret. (Example: Illegal drugs, guns, child pornography, etc.). The real purpose of…
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Hepatitis – A Very Real Consequence of Substance Use

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. It can be caused by a variety of toxins (such as drugs or alcohol), autoimmune conditions, or pathogens (including viruses, bacteria, or parasites). Viral hepatitis is caused by a family of viruses labeled A, B, C, D, and E; each has its own unique route of transmission and…
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The Real Danger of Scopolamine Abuse

Another lethal drug that is being used recreationally and in connection with the commission of certain crimes is a substance called scopolamine. While it is an approved prescriptive medication, it is now being used as a party and date-rape drug. Scopolamine has been found to produce side effects that are potentially dangerous, and its properties…
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