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If man is willing, God is able

Sobriety Apps for Recovering Addicts

Many recovering addicts use their smartphones as an aftercare tool to maintain sobriety. Sobriety apps can log progress, motivate and help teens stay accountable. If your child has completed rehab, they need to begin an aftercare program immediately. Technology and AddictionExperts make it clear maintaining sobriety is just as difficult as achieving it in the…
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Data Surveillance of Opioid Overdoses

Opioid abuse has become a top priority for most every public health organization in the nation, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One way the CDC is helping combat opioid abuse is by keeping close tabs on the statistics. Overdose deaths and emergency room data that once took the organization two years to…
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Feds Prepare For War On Kratom

More than a year after backtracking on plans to ram through a ban on the herbal supplement kratom, federal authorities once again appear to be getting ready to crack down on the botanical drug used by many Americans. On Tuesday November 28 2017, Scott Gottlieb, commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, issued a public…
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Opioid Epidemic Carries $504B Price Tag

The White House on Monday attempted to put a price tag on the damage and community upheaval associated with the nation’s widespread opioid crisis, publishing a report pegging the economic losses north of $500 billion in 2015 alone. The document from President Donald Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers suggests the costs associated with widespread prescription…
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Adolescent Overdoses

When it comes to acknowledging the opioid epidemic, the U.S. has been faced with some harsh realities over the past several months. Perhaps most notable is a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that indicates the leading cause of death for Americans under 50 is now accidental death by drug overdose.…
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