DUI School

If man is willing, God is able

What are DUI classes?
DUI classes and rehabilitation courses are designed to provide advice and help for those convicted of a driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or even prescription medication. Responsible driving, alcohol education and the latest DUI laws are some of the subjects covered through the courses of DUI class. Those convicted of a DUI offense, are typically ordered to take DUI classes by the court at sentencing. Some DUI classes are sometimes offered online, depending on location and availability.

The Benefits of DUI Classes
There are a number of benefits to taking the DUI classes education course. Drivers who successfully complete DUI school as it is sometimes referred to, can in some cases have their license suspension time reduced. Again, this is depending on state DUI laws and a person’s unique case circumstances. If you have any questions concerning how long your driver’s license will be suspended for, please talk to our case  managers so you can be assisted with answers regarding your personal case. Once the DUI classes are successfully completed, the court will be notified of your status. This can possibly lead to some drivers having their driver’s license reinstated earlier than the original suspension period. DUI school classes also explain information and advice which is designed to help decrease the chances of a person having a repeat DUI offense in the future.

What are the Steps Required to Successfully Complete DUI School Classes?
There are two components of this course, first everyone completes the computer-based assessment questions prior to attending the class. The next step is to attend the 20-hour intervention course.

The class consists of 20 hours of alcohol and drug abuse education as required by Georgia Law. The curriculum is Prime for Life ® from Prevention Research Institute and is the only approved curriculum allowed by Georgia law.

The program assists clients to better understand how high-risk choices can cause impairment and health problems and how to reduce the risk of future problems.