If man is willing, God is able

Christian Family Center – THE DREAM

A few years ago, actually more than a few, a middle-aged Methodist minister called on his cousin, a hard-working farmer and county leader, to share a dream, a vision.

The visionary preacher was Rev. Robert Kea, and his cousin was beloved County Commissioner W. W. Kea, who deeded a tract of land to fufill the dream. It was one of the most potentially valuable sites in the county, at the intersection of the Dublin road and the first completed miles of I-16.

Everyone who knew Wilbur Kea was not surprised when he gave the land to Jesus. Rev. Kea’s vision was the sight of a large cross of Jesus towering over the growing traffic of the Macon-Savannah expressway.

Rev. Kea’s dream grew into the Christian Family Center, emphasizing Jesus Christ as Lord and a focus on families.

Today the Christian Family Center has a New Life ministry, an extension of Kea’s dream, a non-profit, Christian based drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for men to break the bondage of addiction, and restoring the suffering families.

The ages of the Christian Family Center men range from 25 to 60, although a few have been as young as 19 and others are approaching senior status. Some of them admit themselves with support from family. Others are mandated by court/probation/parole.

The Christian Family Center’s mission is to provide a Christian environment for men seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The goal is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of men as we teach them Bible Based Recovery.

The center’s belief is that spiritual awakening is necessary to staying clean and being happy and productive.

While being Christian, the Christian Family Center is interdenominational and does not ask a man to accept any church creed and dogma that would conflict with their own personal beliefs. Daily Bible study and chapel attendance are required.

Some of the men may have medical and psychological problems. The center provides transportation for treatment.

The center urges self-sufficiency and work therapy. Every man has a full day from 7:00 am in the morning until evening worship ends at 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. The day includes breakfast, worship, Life Recovery class till noon, half hour for lunch. Work until 4:00, supper at 5:00.

Even Saturdays include a half-day of work. Sundays are for visitation by family and others. Families usually bring covered dishes to supplement the other food.

The center has connections with a Dublin facility for men who need detox. There are short programs for returning graduates and behavioral modification classes for those who need them.

The program and the campus is simple, rural, active, work oriented, spiritual, focused, and, above all, Christian. No TV, CD, DVD, MP3, or ipod. AM/FM radio are permitted.

CHIEF JUDGE RECOMMENDS the Christian Family Center
Dwayne H. Gillis of the Waycross Judicial Circuit writes: “I have had the opportunity to use the Christian Family Center (CFC) as an alternative sentencing option and in lieu of prison for several years now. I have also referred many families with loved ones who are suffering from addiction to the Christian Family Center. The founder and staff of the Christian Family Center are humble in spirit and earnest in their unselfish effort to help those who are suffering from addiction.

“….the Christian Family Center is the best program that I, as a judge, have to use as an alternative sentence or referral.”